Welcome to the RESCUED Youth Group web site.

Boys and girls in grades 6 thru 12 in the Alle-Kiski Valley have formed a special group known as RESCUED.
We meet every week for activities, to talk about life, and to just hang-out.
We go snow-tubing, swimming, camping, picnicking, baseball games, road trips,
costume parties and just about everything else that is fun. :)

Recent Activities

Do Hard Things!
Recently Rescued Youth sought and received permission to place the book,
DO HARD THINGS, in a local high school library. The youth created a special
poster to advertise the book also.

Written by teens for teens, Do Hard Things is packed with humorous personal anecdotes, practical examples, and stories of real-life rebelutionaries in action. This rallying cry from the heart of an already-happening teen revolution challenges a generation to lay claim to a brighter future, starting today.

The Rescued Youth donated their time to help set up a large rough wooden cross on a high hillside in the Kiski Valley. The work was very challenging because the hill is VERY steep and the materials to put it up were very heavy. But the result is very cool! See if you can see it as you drive along the Vandergrift Bypass through Allegheny Township!


FOOD BANK Volunteering

The Rescued Youth group donated time this week to help the Kiski Valley Food Bank distribute food to the needy. This is a great experience. If you are interested in helping please contact Tom Laero at 724-640-6846.


The Evangelism Project

Some Saturday mornings the Rescued Youth group distributes door-hanger notices troughout the Kiski Valley about the new Kiski Valley Inspired video website. The website presents very cool videos for every member of the family from children to teen, young adults and seniors. Check it out!


Grace Camp

Camp fires, songs, games, great food, the Talent Show,
Capture-the-Flag in the dark!
We all really enjoyed our week-long trip to Grace Camp at
Laurel Hill State Park in Somerset County, PA.

(Check out the photos here at the GCC Church Web site!)



RESCUED Youth meets weekly.
You are invited!

Call for info: 724-568-1566 or 724-640-6846


We want you to join us! Please call 724.568.1566
for more info, or email us.


Have you been rescued?
Life as a teenager is tough. We face problems of all kinds
from dealing with friends to keeping up at school to problems at home.
Everyone needs rescued.God cares about us and He can help us through everything.
He made a way for us to be rescued today. YOU can be rescued right now!

Scott Kelsey, age 17, was accidentally killed in a hunting accident.
One week before he died he wrote about how God can rescue us.
If you need rescued, read his story.


RESCUED Youth Group meets
@ Grace Community Church in Vandergrift.

Join us !
Join us this week!

Grace Community Church
305 Emerson Street
Vandergrift, PA

Need a ride? Call us!

phone: 724.568.1566, or 724.640.6846
email: info@get-rescued.com

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